Diary of a Nanny

Dear diary, today Alex Grey is writing about her encounter with Mr. Castle, the married man who’s employing her as a nanny, and how it was an experience she’ll never forget. Alex says she noticed how his wife wasn’t paying attention to him or helping him much lately, and when Alex decided to pick up her slack, she noticed Johnny noticing her. And that it happened, one day, after putting his son down for his nap, she was cleaning up his mess from lunch when Johnny walked in and decided to thank her, in a good way. Alex says she had never been with an older man before, but Mr. Castle took control of her pussy like nobody ever has, and she loved every minute of it. What do you think of this, Diary? Alex sure is a hot little blonde, and she’s obviously horny. Do you think I’d have a chance with her? Your friend, Everyman.

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French Anal Sex Domination for Two

After her amazing afternoon with Mr. Pascal, Alex Grey has been thinking about him constantly. But because his wife was around all the time, they weren’t able to hook up again. One morning, she receives a text from Mr. Pascal to come over because his wife is out of town. But this time Alex isn’t going alone, her best friend Cadence Lux is accompanying her…

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Naughty Assistant Sex Adventures

Alex Grey has landed an internship with a famous director after finishing film school, and she’s super excited. The gorgeous blonde babe is planning an exclusive party at his house with his assistant, and she dreams of getting behind the camera herself, she has to show she is more than just a pretty face. When the assistant steps out to run some errands, Alex finds herself alone with the famous director. Here’s her opportunity to show him exactly what she’s capable of…

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